Hi, I'm Sally and I'm here to help you say goodbye to the Sunday night blues...


About me


Find a career coachI love nothing more than helping people regain control over their working lives.

Whether it’s career transition, avoiding burn-out or learning how to perform at their best, I love helping people get to the bottom of why they are unhappy at work and create more enjoyment, fulfilment and fun.


It could be leaving work to embark on something completely new, falling back in love with the work they already have – or something in between.

I know how soul destroying it is to be stuck in a job that doesn’t truly fulfil you.

I left university and full of idealism, (an aspiring Erin Brokovich) I decided that I was going to become a lawyer and use the law as a way of changing the world for the better.

It was my mission to make the world a better place!

Fast forward a few years and I’d retrained in Law, was working in Central London, living the “graduate dream” with a decent salary and all the perks.  I had a “real” profession which felt beautifully safe and secure.  So far, so good.

Except it wasn’t turning out the way I expected…

I started to lose my way…

As time went on I became increasingly lost, confused and unhappy. Far from making a difference and changing the world, my work was boring, stressful and unfulfilling and I started living for the weekend.  I felt so out of touch with who I really was and what was important to me. I saw similar unhappiness in some of my colleagues and even in many of the Partners in the firm.

I looked at them and asked myself “is that really where I want to end up in a few years time?”

It struck me that there was so much dissatisfaction, yet nobody seemed to be doing anything about it.  I realised that most of them felt trapped and didn’t believe it was an option to make a change.

I remember one day looking around my bland, corporate, open-plan office. I observed everyone around me busily tapping away on their computers. Once again I felt the nagging, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Yet again it was accompanied by a little whisper “there’s no way you can keep working here. This isn’t for you”. In that moment I resolved to find something that worked for me.

What did I want?

But of course that was just the beginning of the journey.

I had lost touch with what was really important to me. I had drifted so far away from that naive, confident 21-year-old self who just wanted to help people. Whilst in some ways I was older and wiser, I didn’t want to lose her completely. She would never have accepted being stuck behind a desk in a suit for the rest of her life!

After a lot of research and soul searching I embarked on my training to become a cognitive hypnotherapist. From day one I felt settled, happy and completely fascinated. I was delighted I had found what I wanted to do, and it felt amazing.

I now run a successful therapy and coaching practice and I can honestly say that I look forward to Monday mornings!

If I can find my happy work so can you

It’s now my passion to help others get back in touch with what lights them up so that they can do work that they love.

And I know it might feel like you don’t have the luxury of choice in what you do for a living.  But I’m here to tell you, you do.

In fact I believe you owe it to yourself to love your work.

As Steve Jobs, founder of Apple says:

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” 

I truly believe this.  Life is too short to settle for work that makes you miserable and change is always possible – even if it doesn’t feel that way.

If you want to get started exploring what might be possible for you book a no-obligation Confidence and Clarity Call.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you!