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Want to perform at your best when it matters most?

Interviews, exams, presentations and pitches all have something in common. They usually involve an opportunity, they require strong performance under pressure and they also leave the most confident, capable individuals wracked with nerves. Fears around performance are so common because the stakes seem so high. We all have a deep desire to be accepted by those around us. The prospect of embarrassing ourselves or under-performing in front of others can leave us victim to our nerves which, in turn, can cause us to under perform or run away from amazing opportunities. The good news is that you can overcome your fear. I can help you perform comfortably and confidently under pressure. Your audience will respond more positively to your calmer, relaxed demeanour and you’ll believe in your ability to keep a cool head under pressure.

A bespoke, flexible approach for your performance success

I offer performance programmes which vary in length and intensity (from a 2-hour ‘break-through’ session to a 4 month programme) depending on the level of change you want to experience and how much time you have before your event. In all cases we work together on the areas you want to prioritise so that you feel as calm and confident as possible when you perform. You will let go of negative beliefs or fears that could be sabotaging your performance. You’ll also learn how to tap into positive emotions, such as calm and confidence and convey your ‘best version of yourself’ to whoever you are speaking to. And because you’re able to communicate naturally and authentically, your optimum performance will follow so much more easily. Prices start at £150 for a two hour ‘break-through’ session either in Manchester or online (Zoom or Skype). If you’re interested in how you could benefit, contact me today and we can arrange a completely free, no-obligation conversation.

Find a life coach

What else do I get?

Tasks and Inspiration

I provide follow-up tasks and inspiration including videos, articles and techniques to practice in order to keep you focused and motivated. This also accelerates your progress towards the level of optimum performance you’re working towards.

E-mail support

I provide unlimited e-mail support in between sessions so that you feel completely supported. You can have peace of mind if you have any challenges in implementing anything we’ve discussed in the session. I am always there to provide encouragement and accountability so you’re not alone in moving past your fear and embracing the new you who can feel confident when performing.

Personal recording

You will receive a personalised MP3 recording which will consolidate all the positive work we do together and will work on a deeper, unconscious level to optimise your success. Not only that, it can provide the perfect 10-minute window for you to relax, recharge and look ahead to the future with more optimism.

Manchester or at home

You can choose whether you come to see me at my consulting rooms in Manchester City Centre or whether you would rather enjoy sessions from the comfort of your own home, with no time taken to travel. The choice is yours.