It’s time to live life on your terms


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Does your life feel like you?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are,  you’ve done all the ‘right’ things on paper but you’re feeling stuck and frustrated.

You’re not fulfilling your potential. Somehow you know you’re not on the right track.

It’s confusing. And overwhelming. Because shouldn’t you have everything figured out by now?

Deep down you know your life doesn’t really feel like you anymore.

You’ve found yourself feeling more anxious lately. It’s harder to switch off. To be present with those you love.

You know that you just want to feel happier in yourself and do good in the world.

So why is it so hard to work out what to do next?

It doesn’t need to be this way…

I know you might not know how you ended up here. But you don’t need to stay.

You want a life with more joy and purpose. One where you’re feeling so much happier because you’re living the way you want to live. You want to feel comfortable in your own skin again.

I’m here to show you how to free yourself from the patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

You’ll feel more relaxed, be clearer on what you want and finally be freed up to create a life on your terms.

For some people that means embracing a different career, starting a business or passion project.

For others it simply means making more time for the things that bring them joy and make them happy to be alive. 

Either way it means a life that feels like you. More fulfilment. More fun.

And an opportunity to do even greater things in the world.

Work with Me

Create a Life on Your Terms

Join me for my signature programme where together we’ll help you overcome fear, worry or self-doubt to work you can really enjoy.

You’ll get clarity on what you really want to change, trust your decisions and enjoy feeling more like ‘you’ both at work and at home.

Once you’ve experienced that internal transformation you’ll be freed up to take action: whether it’s exploring new work, applying for a promotion or simply creating a better work/life balance where you are.


Performance SOS

Are you petrified by presentations? Are you filled with dread at the prospect of a pitch or interview?

You don’t need to let that fear hold you back anymore.

I can help you overcome your fear so you can perform at your best when it matters most.

You’ll learn how to connect and engage with your audience, whilst feeling calm and in control. 

Free Confidence and Clarity Call

I offer a limited number of Confidence and Clarity calls every month. 

This is my gift to you: 60 minutes completely dedicated to getting to the bottom of what you want to change and the mindset blocks that are stopping you from living it.

By the end of our time together you’ll have clarity on your next step that you can take confidently towards you future vision.

Please e-mail if you cannot find a slot.

Success Stories

“I worked with Sally over a three month period and in that time made hugely positive steps day-to-day. Before, I was experiencing periods of doubt about my career and knew I wanted a change, but didn’t have the confidence to take it any further. Since working with Sally, I am much more self-confident and focused, allowing me to work on my next steps. The visualisation techniques that Sally taught me work extremely well; I no longer become overwhelmed by decisions – if I feel old emotions creeping up, I can use these techniques to curb them almost immediately. They are a fantastic tool that genuinely make me feel more in control. Sally herself is friendly and open – I really believed that she wanted the best for me and I knew she would be available if I needed to discuss something. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sally – you won’t regret it!” Katy R

Freelance Content Producer

When I first met Sally I couldn’t see or think straight. It was like my glasses had steamed up and I was weighed down by a lot of heavy shopping bags full of muddled thoughts and feelings.

I was confused. Lost. Unhappy.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from seeing Sally and was a little sceptical about it if I’m honest. It helped a lot to have an initial introductory chat with her before making any commitment.

I did commit and Sally and I got to work. To work things out. She made me feel safe and supported. She’s smart and decisive and confidently guided me (over many months) through the fog and self imposed mire.

Her approach is refreshing and varied and it feels very personal to your own needs. It’s not a one size fits all therapy. I was given a lot of different supportive guides and tools – via video, books, poetry, music, meditation and relaxation as well as lots and lots of being in the room with her and me sat on a comfy sofa just talking. 

She’s all the things you’d want from someone who’s going to make you feel better – warm, welcoming, professional and clever. A safe pair of hands.

Seeing Sally was worth every penny…getting greater clarity in my life is worth spending time and money on. She helped me see things more clearly and gave me a kit box full of great things to help me live and think my life better.

She’s amazing and if you need help you’d be mad not to give her a try – what have you got to lose?!


Events and Communications Manager

“Sally coached me for a 3 month period and she made a tremendous impact to my life. Her coaching enabled me to look within myself and realise that I had more power and control over my life goals and direction than I had previously thought.

Over the course of 12 weeks Sally helped me worked through all my limiting beliefs and find my authentic self by applying tools and techniques that would enable me to heal and realise that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and belief in yourself.

If you are stuck in a rut or just want some coaching to overcome day to day challenges in your life then I would highly recommend Sally as she is a lightworker and can’t wait to work with her again in the future” Safiyah

IT Project Manager

“Sally empowered me to navigate through all the areas I wanted to improve and issues I wanted to deal with with great success and was thoroughly professional throughout. For anyone considering coaching I would highly recommend Sally”. Helen


“Sally tailored the coaching to meet my needs and provided me with unique tools to help me overcome my anxieties. There wasn’t any awkward over-emotional sharing, but a practical solutions dealt with sensitivity. In other words, I never felt judged or silly, I just had complete trust in her. I couldn’t recommend Sally enough. She has changed my life.” Lydia B