Create a Career by Design, not Default

Do you want to leave the daily grind behind?


You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you’ve realised you’re unhappy in your job.


The good news is that it’s never too late to change.


I can help you overcome stress, self-doubt and worry so you can transition to work that can be your greatest joy.



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Create a Career by Design

Are you ready to create a Career by Design?

Join me for my signature 6 month programme where together we’ll help you overcome fear, worry or self-doubt to transition to work that’s joyful and fulfilling.

You don’t need to stay stuck in oppressive work that doesn’t feel like you.

I’ll support you in taking consistent action towards the career of your dreams and make sure you no longer live in the land of ‘what if’.




Career by Design Breakthrough

Wanting to fall back in love with your work?

Or do you simply want to kick-start your career transition journey?

I can help you kick-start the change you want to make in this 1 month intensive programme.

You’ll gain clarity about what needs to change and break through your biggest obstacle to making things happen.

You’ll leave with a plan, with the mindset tools you’ll need to implement it.

Workshops and Speaking

I regularly run workshops and give talks on topics such as:

  • How to overcome your inner-critic
  • How to break-up with burn-out
  • How to enjoy flow and creativity  at work

My talks and workshops are fun, informal and provide participants with strategies so they can experience tangible differences in the way they live and work.

What People Are Saying

“I worked with Sally over a three month period and in that time made hugely positive steps day-to-day. Before, I was experiencing periods of doubt about my career and knew I wanted a change, but didn’t have the confidence to take it any further. Since working with Sally, I am much more self-confident and focused, allowing me to work on my next steps. The visualisation techniques that Sally taught me work extremely well; I no longer become overwhelmed by decisions – if I feel old emotions creeping up, I can use these techniques to curb them almost immediately. They are a fantastic tool that genuinely make me feel more in control. Sally herself is friendly and open – I really believed that she wanted the best for me and I knew she would be available if I needed to discuss something. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sally – you won’t regret it!” Katy R

Freelance Content Producer

“Sally empowered me to navigate through all the areas I wanted to improve and issues I wanted to deal with with great success and was thoroughly professional throughout. For anyone considering coaching I would highly recommend Sally”.



“Sally coached me for a 3 month period and she made a tremendous impact to my life. Her coaching enabled me to look within myself and realise that I had more power and control over my life goals and direction than I had previously thought. Over the course of 12 weeks Sally helped me worked through all my limiting beliefs and find my authentic self by applying tools and techniques that would enable me to heal and realise that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and belief in yourself. If you are stuck in a rut or just want some coaching to overcome day to day challenges in your life then I would highly recommend Sally as she is a lightworker and can’t wait to work with her again in the future” Safiyah

IT Project Manager

I went to see Sally after narrowly failing an important professional exam several times. In the pressure of the exam scenario it seemed I was saying the wrong things or not coming across confidently and the fact that I had failed it so many times was really starting to impact on both my personal and professional life. I had been trying to pass the exam for three years and felt stuck!
From the first meeting with Sally I felt a lot more positive; she offered me a targeted two-month programme to get me through my resit. We worked on getting rid of my negative feelings regarding my previous attempts and improving my motivation levels. She gave me a lot of practical tools for reducing anxiety, improving my confidence on the day of the exam and helping me believe that I could pass.
I am extremely pleased to say that utilising all the tools Sally gave me I sailed through the exam and passed with a result of 93%!! I am over the moon – I feel that a weight has been lifted from me and I can now move on with my career. I had not learnt more information in order to pass the exam and I am sure that the result is down to the work I did with Sally. I had never had any form of coaching before and went to Sally on the advice of a friend – I would really encourage anyone thinking about it to do it – the interventions really worked. Thank you Sally!!


“Sally tailored the coaching to meet my needs and provided me with unique tools to help me overcome my anxieties. There wasn’t any awkward over-emotional sharing, but a practical solutions dealt with sensitivity. In other words, I never felt judged or silly, I just had complete trust in her. I couldn’t recommend Sally enough. She has changed my life.” Lydia B


I sought Sally’s help when I started experiencing anxiety and low self esteem during my Master studies. Being an overseas student it was a big financial decision to seek help, but during the initial clarity call I immediately experienced Sally’s warm professionalism and felt confident that she would be able to help me. Over the past five months I have had a total of six sessions with Sally both face-to-face and online, with plenty of in-between support. It has been emotionally challenging no doubt, but Sally was always able to adjust the session to suit my emotional state and she has given me some powerful tools to help me overcome my fears and insecurities. There’s no doubt that Sally’s professional experience and personal warmth and reassurance has meant that I am now able to complete my Master studies and feel confident doing it. I can only give Sally my warmest recommendations.” Mia K

MA Student